Tips To Stay Productive During The Lockdown

It is no gainsaying that the world is at a difficult time and a new normal around every sphere of life, business and economy being established. Certainly, It will take some time before we return to how life was prior to this crisis.

Challenging times as this can often create a vacuum within our lives and leave us feeling empty or even depressed. It’s quite healthy to feel this way—for a short period of time. What is invaluable is remembering that in times of stress, these moments can help us and those around us be uplifted and move forward.

With the world temporarily upside down, it’s important for us to realize that there are numerous opportunities now—ones that could present themselves as potential positive outcomes in our personal and professional lives.

Below are some useful tips to help you through this period:

1. Watch out for social media distractions. You could easily be distracted these days of social distancing and working from home as your phones are heavily bombarded by social media gist beyond the usual and you could spend a whole day in the bandwagon  of distractions. On the contrary, use this time of isolation as an opportunity to unplug and potentially spend more quality time with family/loved ones rather than partake in unproductive time online.

2. Take on productive learning opportunities. One positive with the current lockdown is web-based businesses and learning platforms witnessing an unprecedented surge in usage traffic as these has suddenly almost becoming a channel monopoly in creating seamless business continuity and interactions.  Use this period to do those online courses you have shortlisted or attend free courses and webinars or reading articles. Once this initial quarantine stage passes, we will most likely will be inundated with an immense workload in order to catch up from the days or weeks that have been lost—and it will be quite easy to fall behind on these house-cleaning items.

3. Exercise! One of the healthiest ways to cope with all the emotions we’re feeling during stressful times like this is by physically releasing them. Although gyms and other group activities may be closed/cancelled, there is always time to perform 30 minutes to an hour each day doing a walk, run or other light activities that will help alleviate stress and keep the body in shape and health.

4. Give back. As we progress through this new normal, one of the most fulfilling and rewarding activities we can partake in is by giving back through charity. No matter where you are located, this is a time to come together. Step up as a leader and give back to others—and motivate those around you to follow suit.

If performed by enough people, these “small” changes and steps in helping others locally will have a positive impact globally. Simply checking in on neighbors and others that you feel may need help will also provide fulfillment in your life during a time where you otherwise would be left with a void.

5. Devote time to goal and objectives. Take the time to write out a list of goals and objectives you would like to achieve during this time. Write them down, and make them public knowledge in order to hold yourself accountable. By doing this, you can set up a framework to build a routine into your day and week that will help keep you on task.


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