How to Encourage and Support Your Team from a Distance

If your team just made an abrupt shift to remote work, it’s important to offer encouragement and emotional support. Acknowledge the pressure everyone is under, listen to their anxieties and concerns, and empathize with their struggles. If a newly remote employee is clearly having a hard time, but not communicating stress or anxiety, ask them how they’re doing. Even a general question such as “How is this remote work situation working out for you so far?” can elicit important information. Remember your team is looking to you for cues about how to handle this uncertain time. Instead of communicating helplessness, take a two-pronged approach: Acknowledge the stress and anxiety that people may be feeling, but also affirm your confidence in the team. Now is the perfect time to use phrases like, “We’ve got this,” or “This is tough, but I know we can handle it.”

Content credit to Harvard Business Review.

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